The Alamo-collection is available from stock in 32 colors. The artificial leather consists of two layers of PVC-coating with a cotton jersey as reinforcement and a timeless structure of a veal named Ternero. Some colors are finished to prevent bleeding on clothing and 7 colors are printed. The Alamo is available from stock on rolls of 35 linear meters (less is possible with a surcharge). If the product is finished or printed then the width is 140 cm and if not then the width is 144 cm. The weight is around 590 gr/m2.

The product is fire retardant, free of phthalates and REACH-compliant. If you like to know more about our Alamo please download the technical datasheet. We can also advise you if the Alamo is suited for your application.

Please be aware that colors on your screen can be very different to reality. There are a couple of reasons for that:

  • The photos are not taken from the standard for the colour (productions can deviate from the standard up to a delta E value of 1 for standard colors and for printed colors up to 1,5).
  • Cameras are not able to grab the color like the human eye. This results in deviations.
  • Your type of screen and the settings of your screen influence colors.

We strongly recommend you to not choose a color from our website, but always based on a physical sample of our product. In this way the second a third reason are solved.

Standard Collection Colors


Standard Collection Colors Printed