Veritex is a welcome addition in the coated products market. This is because we are able to have complete focus on the needs of our customers. In this way we always find suited solutions. To fulfill the requirements of our customers we use our creativity and dare to step of the beaten track. Our solutions are focused on long-term partnerships with our customers, but also our suppliers.

We trust that we use the advantages of a compact organization to our benefits in a way so that they turn out to be our key competences. Our core competences are why our customers choose for us and stay with us: our reliability, short delivery times, empathy, flexibility, communication and consistency of product quality.



As a niche player in the market for coated products, where mass products predominate, Veritex focuses on the production of customer-specific solutions.

With coated products we mean products produced by means of a knife over roll coating process, with or without textile. Common examples of our products are artificial leather and tarpaulins. Our distinctive character lies in the fact that we offer total freedom to our customers, within our possibilities. Customized solutions in product, service and price are therefore more the rule than the exception. Veritex employs all of its experience and expertise of products and applications to support the customer in the search for the perfect balance in product design for its application. The ideal balance is sought between product features, service and price. The purpose of this ideal balance is to enable the customer to optimize its customer satisfaction and also be competitive in pricing. Veritex communicates in a fair, open and transparent manner with a personal touch. The safety of our dedicated and loyal employees and the environment are our top priority.